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September 8, 2022

Photo of Enna Jimenez.

INvolve Heroes 100 Executives Role Models 2022

"Enna is a Founding Committee Member of Women in IDEMIA Network, WIN, facilitates WIN Circles in Boston, giving women a chance to come together in a safe space, and supported the launch of WIN's first Mentor/Mentee program. "

August 23, 2022

Photo of Enna Jimenez.

Historias de mujeres brillantes contadas en Boston College

"Enna Jiménez como directora de control de calidad de IDEMIA, una empresa de tecnología, y líder de la comunidad ha demostrado ser un ícono de superación entre los latinos. "

August 2, 2022

Enna Jimenez.

Only two Latinas have been CEO of a Fortune 500 company. Why so few Hispanic women make it to the top

"Enna Jimenez, a business transformation and quality leader at IDEMIA who has worked in IT for 30 years and has led large global teams, went from being one of the few women of color in college to being the only Afro-Latina in a room full of men. She dressed in black, brown, and gray to fit in."

April 13, 2022


"We are pleased to announce Hispanic Lifestyle’s 2022 Latinas of Influence Listing. Our selections were based upon service, leadership and promoting positive images of the community...Enna Jimenez.."

March 9, 2022

Líderes latinas de Boston integran directiva de ALPFA

"Por su parte, Enna Jiménez, es la directora del Consejo Nacional ALPFA, ha vivido en Boston por más de 40 años, nació en Puerto Rico, aunque sus padres son dominicanos, dijo sentirse orgullosa de pertenecer a esta institución desde hace más de 10 años, que, a pesar de la pandemia, se empoderó y continuó. ."

April 1, 2021

Leading Latinas 2021

Twelve women exemplifying a future of possibilities and inclusivity

October 20, 2020

Screenshot of newsletter.

Enna Jimenez Has That Star Quality

"Throughout her almost thirty-year career in quality assurance (QA), Enna Jimenez has asked herself the same question: “What does quality mean?” The answer to that question varies slightly depending on whether you’re talking about financial services, education, or another sector altogether."

November 6, 2017

Group Photo. Enna Jimenez to the left.

Meet Enna Jimenez of Association of Latino Professionals for America (ALPFA) Boston Chapter

"I became part of ALPFA Boston while working at Wellington Management. I was one of the co-chairs for the Latino employee resource group, Conexiones, and we were looking to partner with a Latino organization. I attended several events they hosted, learned about their mission and instantly felt a connection."

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