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Enna Jimenez is a fierce thought leader and confident speaker.

“If there’s one thing I could tell you all it’s that you have to know your worth,” she said. “You have to know your strengths. You have to know and believe in the value you bring in.”


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Invite Enna Jimenez to Speak or Emcee!

Enna Jimenez is a valuable resource when it comes to discussions around promoting inclusivity across the landscape, from hiring to retaining and promoting employees. Jimenez has talked about topics such as imposter syndrome, bringing your authentic self to work, promoting an inclusive culture, amplifying your voice, incorporating equitable hiring practices, exploring the meaning of true belonging, embracing your identity, building a resilient mindset, finding your passion, personal branding, technology and more.

In your outreach, please include all necessary details (name, description of event/interview, date & time, etc.).



Positive Intelligence Coach

"It was a pleasure to e-meet you during the Hispanic Leaders webinar. You are an inspiration to our community and for that I thank you."

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